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India-Vietnam Relations
Book ID NBC3987
ISBN No. 81-7211-371-4
Book Name India-Vietnam Relations
Book sub-title Retrospect & Prospect
Author/s name/s : Panda Rajaram
Contributer/s Name/s : Aftab Seth , Anil Wadhwa , Bach Thanh Binh , Dang Thi Thai Ha , Geetesh Sharma , Ha Thanh Ngoc , Kusum Jain , Le Hung Quoc , Lokesh Chandra , Nirmala Sharma , Pham Van Duc , Pooja Kapur , Pravamayee Samantaray , Prem Kapoor , Rajaram Panda , Ruchhita Kazaria , Rup Narayan Das , Syed Tanveer Nasreen , Ton Sinh Thanh , Tran Ky Phuong , Tridib Chakraborti , Doan Thi Tuyen , Vo Van Thang , Vu Xuan Hong
Publisher Name Northern Book Centre
Publishing Year 2016
Book Price (Printed) INR 1300   
Book Price (Our Price) INR 1300   
Book Size 14 x 22
Book Page xii + 244

   Post Review
Book Summary
The book is the outcome of an international seminar on “India-Vietnam Relations: Retrospect & Prospect” organized by the ICCR in February 2016 in New Delhi. The essays in the volume contain perspectives of scholars, activists, opinion makers, diplomats and cultural historians on the important relationships between India and Vietnam. Though the primary focus is on the cultural component of the ties, other dimensions such as economic and security issues are also covered. 
    Besides the civilizational linkages between the two countries that complement the present bilateral ties, the essays demonstrate how India's cultural links were very different from other cultural influences in Vietnam that had aggressive intent. Indian voyagers who settled in some parts of Vietnam were smoothly integrated into the Vietnamese society.
    In modern times, Rabindra-nath Tagore's sane counsel for a peaceful Asia found greater acceptance and appeal in Vietnam. The people of Vietnam appreciated Tagore's advocacy of non-violence, non-confron-tational and egalitarian society that encouraged social mobility and this is remembered even today. India always stood with Vietnamese people in their struggle against foreign rule and welcomed Ho Chi Minh as a friend of India is remembered with gratitude in Vietnam. The essays offer valuable insights from both Indian and Vietna-mese perspectives.  
Book Content

CHAPTER I – Introduction and Overview

Overview – Rajaram Panda

CHAPTER II – Synergy between Culture and History

Section I – Economic Expansion in the Maritime Route – Lokesh Chandra

Section II – Cultural Bond between Vietnam and India – Geetesh Sharma

Section III – Vietnam-India Ties: Connectivity as Toll of Diplomacy – Vu Xuan Hong

Section IV – India and Vietnam: Vision for the Future – Anil Wadhwa

Section V – Cultural Diplomacy Key to Foster Friendship – Ton Sinh Thanh

CHAPTER III – Culture Fostering India-Vietnam Relations (Part I)

Section I – Culture Binds India-Vietnam Relations – Aftab Seth

Section II – Ho Chi Minh with India and Indian People – Le Hung Quoc

Section III – Cultural Extensions beyond Border: Indian Parallels at Champa – Syed Tanveer Nasreen

Section IV – Sacred Treasures in Champa Temples – Referring to the Indian Ancient Texts – Võ Van Thang

CHAPTER IV – Culture Fostering India-Vietnam Relations (Part II)

Section I – Cultural Bonding between India and Vietnam: Role of Hinduism and Buddhism – Prem Kapoor

Section II – The Cham Historical-Archaeological Sites – Tran Ky Phuong

Section III – Vietnam: Some Personal Impressions – Pravamayee Samantaray

Section IV – An Aspect of India in Vietnam: Sanskrit/Art of Champa/My Son Monument – Bach Thanh Binh

CHAPTER V – Ho Chi Minh in India & Rabindranath Tagore in Vietnam

Section I – Indo-Vietnam Cultural Relations – Pham Van Duc

Section II – Reading Tagore from Eco-critical Perspective – Dang Thò Thá Hà

Section III – India and Vietnam: Relevance of People’s Diplomacy – Kusum Jain

CHAPTER VI – Impact of Buddhism & Hinduism over Vietnam’s Culture and Society

Section I – Transoceanic Journey of Indian Deities – Nirmala Sharma

Section II – India and Vietnam: Role of Buddhism and Hinduism – Ha Thanh Ngoc

Section III – The ‘Historical History’ of India-Vietnam Relations – Ruchhita Kazaria

Section IV – Practicing Buddhism in Two Villages of Red River Delta in Vietnam – Tuyen Thi Doan

CHAPTER VII – Future Vision of Relations: Mutual Exchange of Ideas

Section I – Connecting the Past to the Present to Unearth Synergy – Pooja Kapur

Section II – India-Vietnam: Strategically Close, Culturally Distant – Tridib Chakraborti

Section III – India-Vietnam: Some Leaves from the Parliamentary Debates – Rup Narayan Das

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